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Dunsfold Village

Dunsfold is a small village in Surrey, England, lying five miles south of Godalming close to the Sussex border. At the 2011 census Dunsfold had a population of 989 with 467 dwellings. The village has a thirteenth century church, a community shop (with post office), a village hall, a sports & social club and a public house.

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A new campaign group has been formed

Protect our Waverley

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The campaign's first task is to save the beautiful "fold" countryside on the Surrey/Sussex border from the development of a new town.

Dunsfold Airport Ltd applied in December for planning permission to build a

New Town on Dunsfold Park

First Phase of 1,800 dwellings with intention to increase to 3,400 dwellings
plus a large increase in the industrial space.
4,350/7,000 residents; 2,800/4,500 cars: huge increase in HGVs

What is proposed is not a village but a major urban style development with many four story buildings, with a density of up to an astonishing 100 dwellings per acre at the centre and two 100ft towers. The final planned size will have more than eight times the number of dwellings that are in Dunsfold. The affordable housing will be required to meet the needs of the 700 present employees and planned additional 2,000 future employees on the site who qualify and to house those on Waverley's Housing Needs Register. Affordable housing to meet Dunsfold's needs will be provided in Dunsfold village, not in Dunsfold New Town.

Have a look at the photo above and decide for yourself how much of the claimed "brownfield' site is actually brownfield land.

Although the statutory consultation period for all planning applications is only 21 days, and in this case expired on 5 February, Waverley Borough Council must take into account representations they receive up to shortly before the date on which the Joint Planning Committee meets to make a decision. This is not likely to be until May/June.

There is still plenty of time to make representations.

To learn more about the scheme and how to give Waverley Borough Council your views please visit:

the campaign website


the campaign facebook

The Protect Our Waverley Campaign (POW) submitted its objection letter to Waverley Borough Council (WBC) on 5 February. POW will be making further representations to WBC on the vital transport issues when its transport experts have seen the Mott MacDonald report (commissioned by WBC and received in December but not yet released) and the transport report by Steve Parsons (commissioned by Dunsfold Parish Council jointly with a number of other parish councils).

POW Campaign's Objection Letter


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Change of use of Dunsfold buildings from agricultural uses to dwellinghouses and the Dunsfold Village Website

Three separate applications have been made to Waverley Borough Council for the council to determine that the use of three buildings can be changed, without the need for planning permission, from an agricultural use to a dwellinghouse under Class Q of the new development order; The General Permitted Development Order 2015.

The application relating to a change of use of the agricultural building at Duns Copse, Chiddingfold Road, Dunsfold to three dwellings was rejected by Waverley. See the determination.

The other two applications are being dealt with by Waverley under the following references;

1. Farm Buildings, Land to the south of The Old Chapel, Chapel Hill, Dunsfold.

2. Farm Buildings, Oak Tree Barn, Plaistow Road, Dunsfold.

In each case the applicant must show that either;

(1) the buildings were used on 20 March 2013 solely for agricultural purposes: or

(2) the buildings were used before 20 March 2013 solely for agricultural purposes which ceased before 20 March 2013 and that since the discontinuance it has not been used for non-agricultural purposes.

Generally the use of buildings for horses is an equestrian use not an agricultural use.

The Waverley case officer dealing with the applications would welcome information from Dunsfold residents on what these buildings have been used for, particularly in the last few years.

If you would like to supply information please do so on the Waverley website.

John Gray

Waverley Borough Councillor for Chiddingfold & Dunsfold
15 September 2015

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